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2009-07-03 03:07:09 by Sticky


blank post

2009-02-01 20:05:14 by Sticky

blank post

= O

2009-01-24 05:28:04 by Sticky

I've almost obtained the Hoenn Dex Diploma =O

Only missing Latios.

14,000 points.

2009-01-21 06:32:58 by Sticky

Today marks my 14,000th experience point.

That's 1,400 days of coming to Newgrounds to deposit.

That's 7,000 clicks of the voting panel.

Why can't I just stop? :'(

Achievement Unlocked

2008-12-18 22:22:26 by Sticky

Beat it in 1203 seconds without cheating on first try. Yeah not that impressive.


2008-12-12 19:04:04 by Sticky

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Y'know I just realised something. Generation 3 of pokemon sucks ass. Completing the pokedex is going to take more time than the combined time of completing both the pokedex of generations 1 and 2. Not to mention it takes about twice as many games as those two did. Lets look at this more closely shall we?
Here's a list of the games I needed to complete the National Dex for each generation of games.

Generation 1: Yellow, Blue, Red (Though I saved money by skipping red and trading back pokemon from crystal)

Generation 2: Yellow, Blue, Crystal, Gold

Now, Generation 3: (Ruby, Sapphire), (Firered, Leafgreen - Both of which you need to play though to the elite 4 and then play one of them a a second time just to catch the 3 dogs), (Emerald - which requires you to play the same fucking game 3 times through and not just beat the elite 4 but complete the whole Hoenn pokedex in order to get the johto starters), (Pokemon Channel - as if Nintendo doesn't make enough money they make you buy a completely unrelated game just so you can get one pokemon, Jirachi. And they make you finish that shit game to the end before you get it), (And there could be more problem ones I've yet to find out about)

Ok now Generation 4: EVERYTHING FROM GENERATION 3 + Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

So basically now I understand why Pokemon is seen to be so shit. Generation 3 completely fucked over the series.

Hello front pagen

2008-11-21 03:16:56 by Sticky

Wow look at that trophy shine. It's heaps better that that trophy "world's best lover" I have at home. I really hadn't prepared a speech but I'd like to thank myself for making it and myself for never giving up on the project. I mean there were times when I thought "wow this is so gay no one will watch this shit" but then I'd just walk into the room and remind myself with a hug, that the project was good and all my doubts were in my head alone. God I'm great. I really don't know what I'd do without me. Thanks me. This one's for you!

But this speech isn't all thankyous. I have an important announcement to make. Please quiet down. I know many of you have heard the rumors and yes. I'm confirming them tonight. Now that I've achieved the greatest award any artist can win and also made millions upon millions of dollars from it, millions which will continue to accumulate in my bank account long after I have passed, I no longer have any reason to continue working in this business. Yes this is my resignation speech. From this point onward I will no longer be the most coveted animator, writer, director, voice actor, musician as well as many other positions but instead I will be moving into politics.

This year I will be competing against the current President of the Milkyway Galaxy, Zaphod Beeblebrox. I trust you will all vote for me. If you do I will give you a dollar and promise not to turn our government into a Dictatorship so I can never be voted out of that position.

Again, domo arigato.

Hello front pagen


2008-11-20 01:45:31 by Sticky

Ok I finally made something you can all get off my back now.

For anyone unsure what a MISSINGNO even is go HERE.

But really if you didn't spend your child hood glitching up your Pokemon Red to find it I doubt you'll get half the little subtle (Or perhaps poorly executed) jokes I included.

[edit 21/11] ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNd it's on front page. omg I just can't figure out why though. maybe it's because everyone loves a missingno joke because god knows the animation itself is a complete load.


I am a Pokemon Master. Again.

2008-11-13 06:18:02 by Sticky

This is for catching all the pokemon in Crystal. So exactly 249 Pokemon. (Mew and Celebi aren't needed for the Diploma)

I know, I know. I fail.

I am a Pokemon Master. Again.