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2009-02-01 20:05:14 by Sticky

blank post


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2009-02-01 20:20:13

A couple years ago my mother put parental controls on the internet because she caught me watching gay porn, and usual masterbation wasn't having any effect. So I grabbed a garden rake from my garage and while my mother was at work I started anally penetrating myself with it (the dull side, silly.) I started out very slow just rubbing it around my rectum and then I penetrated a little deeper and step by step my anus loosened up.How I did it was I planted the rake against the wall propped up on the couch, then I stood on the couch and thrust my butt back into the rake. Eventually I was tired of it so I crunched all the edges of the (raking?) side together and stuck my anus ontop of it. It branched out and stuck into parts of my anus, drastically widening it. It felt very good, and I was almost at the point of orgasm and I decided to pull my anus out, but as I did it the sharp edges hooked into my rectum and ripped it. My rectum was stretched far back from my buttcheeks, completely dislodged and as I was in excrutiating pain I had to rip parts of my rectum just to make it come loose from the rake. Thats when my mother got home, and I had to run into my room and pretend I was sleeping. I was crying while in my bed, my anus bleeding heavily and poo running onto my bed. As soon as she went to sleep I went outside to our backyard lawn, because I knew she would here me if I just went to the bathroom. I spent the night naked, under my porch, blood dripping from my anus and poo squirting out. It was the worst experience of my life. Before my mother woke, I snuck into the house and shoved a boxfull of cottonballs into my anus, making sure to get it nice and deep.

I went to school and it was wierd, but sort of kinky that my friends didnt know I had masterbated with a rake last night and I had bloody cotton balls shoved deep inside my anus while I hung out with them.

Thank me for fucking your mother, as without me you wouldn't exist.


2009-02-07 20:35:22

its BOB!!!!


2009-02-07 20:36:09

i tried submitting audio but i got banner randomly SO NO ONLINE MOUSETRAP fyi

Sticky responds:

I have the feeling this is the end part of a conversation I started over a year ago... Would that be right?